Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Craft Beer Crosscut 3.3.17: A Flight by Erin Miller


You’ve seen her. She wore the 7 Seas Brewing T-shirt as she brewery hopped Bend, Oregon. She’s the one who always had one eye on the Sounder’s game during her restaurant shifts, most of the time wearing a “Manager” nameplate. You’ve seen her at beer festivals. You’ve seen her at the Parkway’s Randall nights. You’ve seen her volunteer for this and that. Reunite youngsters with their campground spot. Hug someone in distress. Drink four No-Li Spin Cycles before her clothes completely spun dry. Thankfully, you have seen her at Peaks and Pints since the day we opened. Erin Miller, a longtime member of the service industry, has been surrounded by craft beer her entire adult life, including multiple stints selecting the tap list you enjoyed here and there. Today, it’s Miller time. She’s picked five craft beer for our beer flight, and it’s a good one. Enjoy Craft Beer Crosscut 3.3.17: A Flight by Erin Miller.

The-Commons-Petit-Classique-TacomaThe Common Petit Classique

4.3% ABV

The Commons Brewery Petit Classique’s “table saison” might be light and sophisticated, but the funky and fruity flavor represent. The peppercorns are there, but don’t overwhelm. “Petit Classique, simply put, is my favorite beer on tap right now,” says Erin Miller. “I love saisons and farmhouses because they can vary so wildly, you have to at least taste every one you come across and can never assume it’s flavor. This one is another that is easy to drink and I really look forward to after a shift.”

green-flash-blanc-tarte-barrique-TacomaGreen Flash Blanc Tarte Barrique

4.5% ABV

A California version of a Belgian-style lambic, Green Flash’s Blanc Tarte Barrique is a zesty medley featuring notes of crisp apple, lemon, and aromatic verbena with a nuanced farmhouse finish. “The Blanc Tarte was the first beer I had when Peaks opened, and was also the first beer that challenged the styles I so steadily chose for myself. It made me want to branch out and try anything, even if I was sure I wouldn’t like it. It’s more mildly sour compared to others, and easy to drink. It was the perfect bottle to buy over the holidays and share with my family.”


GoodLife-Sweet-As-Pacific-Ale-TacomaGoodLife Sweet As Pacific Ale

6% ABV, 18 IBU

GoodLife’s pale ale hits the nose with bright orange, fresh grass and faint sweet blueberry. Delicate fruity hop flavor charms on the tongue: Orange and mango land first, light bready malts trail behind, then grapefruit and tempered passionfruit emerge mid-sip. “Sweet As is my homage to Bend, Oregon, and my intense love for the town that has always been like a second home and great escape. It’s also a beer that reminds me of summer days kayaking lakes in the shadow of Mt. Bachelor waiting for an epic sunset, Sweet As in hand. Take me back!”

No-Li-Spin-Cycle-Red-Ale-TacomaNo-Li Brewhouse Spin Cycle Red

5.75% ABV, 49 IBU

No-Li Brewhouse’s Spin Cycle might say “Red” on the bottle, but the Spokane brewery still describes it as a “celebration of the classic English-style ESB.” Spin Cycle’s specialty malts combine to provide an aroma of lightly toasted bread and caramel, while additions of American Noble hops add an herbal flavor for balance. “Spin Cycle is a excellent example of my favorite style of beer. I love red ales, and this one is at the top. Easy to drink and the bottle is big enough to share happily.”

7-Seas-Brewing-Rude-Parrot-IPA-Tacoma7 Seas Rude Parrot

5.9% ABV, 75 IBU

This has become one of the more reliable low ABV, hoppy IPAs in the Northwest. “Rude Parrot, again, pays respect to a town. Gig Harbor, my real home. 7 Seas is such a staple to Gig Harbor. I don’t think anybody there would question the success these guys have achieved, or the cult following they have amassed. They make great beer, period. Rude Parrot is my favorite that is canned, and is the go-to when grabbing drinks before a day at the beach. There is so much variety when it comes to IPAs, but juicy, tropical fruit flavors are my favorite and this one fits the bill.”