Friday, October 20th, 2017

Craft Beer Crosscut 10.20.17: A Flight of East Kent Golding

Ron Swarner


Peaks-and-Pints-Tacoma-Beer-FlightGolding hops consist of a group of traditional English aroma varieties that have been cultivated since 1790. The cultivar originated in England and the hops were named after villages in East Kent (Petham, Rothersham, Canterbury, Eastwell). East Kent Golding is a low-key but much-used English hop with a unique palate. If you’ve tried a few English ales or lagers (or perhaps some certain Belgian ales) chances are you’ve encountered the mellow yet flavorful contributions of the East Kent Golding. They are perfect for using in English-style ales as well as some lagers. The hop has a pleasant spicy aroma and sweet, smooth and earthy flavor. East Kent Golding also makes a nice addition to some Belgian-style ales. If you’re interested in brewing English style beers, then this hop is an essential addition to your beer lexicon. If you’re interested in drinking East Kent Golding craft beers, then welcome to Craft Beer Crosscut 10.20.17: A Flight of East Kent Golding.

Youngs-Double-Chocolate-Stout-TacomaYoung’s Double Chocolate Stout

5.2% ABV, 25 IBU

Charles Wells’ Young’s Double Chocolate Stout’s thick, creamy head sticks to the glass, emitting cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate. A hint of hoppiness in the air reminds that it is very much a beer. Pale ale and crystal malt, chocolate malt, special blend of sugars, Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops, real dark chocolate and chocolate essence are all utilized in creating this unique beer. Creamy chocolaty sweetness coats the tongue like liquid silk. The malty, chocolaty smoothness dives into roasted malt bitterness that tingles through the aftertaste: The chocolate’s truly the chip off the old stout.

North-Coast-Old-Stock-Ale-TacomaNorth Coast Old Stock Ale

11.9% ABV, 34 IBU

With a big sherry-like aroma, including hints of vanilla and peppery spice, we’re forewarned North Coast Old Stock Ale is stocky. Sure enough, our first taste highlights big brown sugar sweetness up front, with Champange-grape and honey notes along for the ride. It’s brewed with classic Maris Otter malt and Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops, all imported from England. In the cocktail world this beer would be an Old Fashioned. It’s hot with alcohol, lip tingling and obviously young, with an assertive bitterness that belies the 34 IBUs. As good as it is today, it will significantly improve with time.

Airways-Brewing-Curbside-Porter-TacomaAirways Curbside Porter

6.3% ABV

Go to the curbside porter and check in booth for your airline, typically located by the entrance doors of the airline on the “Departures” level of the airport. Give the porter your identification and flight information. She will take your luggage to the outdoor check in booth to weigh it, attach the destination tag and send it into the airport to the plane. Wait. Sorry. Wrong curbside porter. Airways Brewing’s Curbside Porter is brewed with East Kent Golding hops for a toast aroma. Flavor has a nice roast to it, but also a dessert sweetness quality. It’s creamy, nutty and delicious.

Deschutes-Jubelale-2017-TacomaDeschutes Jubelale

6.7% ABV, 65 IBU

Deschutes Brewery has been producing the robust and malty but approachable Jubelale winter festive ale for 30 years, brewed with East Kent Golding, US Tettnang, Delta, Cascade and Bravo hops. Its spicy-malt flavor, cocoa, dried fruit and toffee notes ignite cozy warmth on the taste buds — perfect for any number of winter pastimes, like making toys. This year’s Jubelale label artwork — an iconic staple anticipated almost as much as the beer itself — was designed by Bend, Oregon resident MaryLea Harris featuring not one, but a series of custom snowflake themed illustrations.

Shmaltz-Chanukah-in-Kentucky-TacomaShmaltz Chanukah in Kentucky

8% ABV

In early spring of 2015, Shmaltz Brewing brewed a 50-barrel batch of Hanukkah, Chanukah Pass the Beer with eight malts, eight hops and 8 percent ABV. After fermentation eight guys filled first use Heaven Hill and Jim Beam bourbon barrels to age the luscious dark ale. Eight months later, Chanukah in Kentucky was born. The malts and Warrior, Chinook, Fuggle, Vanguard, East Kent Golding, Willamette, Liberty and Centennial hops hit the nose with a mix of toasted malt, dark chocolate, woody oak, and the noticeable aroma of barrel bourbon. The first taste is slightly sweet with notes of dark cherry and a confection of toffee, caramel, and hints of vanilla. As it warms, the bourbon character fades making the toffee, chocolate, sweet caramel, vanilla bean and woody oak become more pronounced.