Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Check into Washington Beer Mobile App

Ron Swarner

Checking into the Washington Beer Mobile App is more fun with photos. Photo credit: Pappi Swarner

Thankfully for lovers of Washington state craft beers, the Washington Beer Commission brain trust has put its glasses down long enough to create an app that helps the state’s craft beer industry and Washington Beer Lovers, or WABL, connect, engage and learn about their favorite pastime.

For Washington state brewers and bottle shop proprietors, getting and keeping their passionately made and served products in front of Washingtonians has become easier and quicker than ever.

For WABL members, the ability to find, learn about, track and enjoy the Washington Beer Commission’s events and the craft beers it promotes is at their fingertips.

Keep up to date on Washington Beer Festivals on the Washington Beer Mobile App. Photo courtesy of Washington Beer Commission

The Washington Beer Mobile App, available for Apple and Android users, allows WABL members to “Check-in” and track Washington beers and breweries they’ve enjoyed, as well as collect WABL stamps that they previously had to have physically stamped into a passport book.

“This is a project we have been working on for three years and are proud to finally have a version we are excited to share,” says Hayden Campbell, market director for the Washington Beer Commission. “Our first app was nothing more than a list of breweries with mapped locations. This edition is a mobile brewery finder, beer journal and a completely digital WABL passport.”

Brewers Marketing created the app, which makes more sense that to have had Pillow Marketing involved in the project. Brewers Marketing has produced similar apps for the Nevada, Ohio and New York brewers guilds.

“We were so impressed with the polish of their work we hired them to take on the Washington Beer Mobile App,” adds Campbell.

The Washington Beer Mobile App alerts users to nearby Washington breweries, allows quick access to Washington Beer events and festivals, has the ability to set up personal brewery tours, share photos on social media, receive Washington Beer news and even rate Washington craft beers.

“My favorite feature is the “Nearby Breweries” button,” says Campbell. “Never fear, a Washington brewery is always near.”

The app promotes responsible beer touring with an algorithm that prevents drive-by check-ins. There’s a reasonable waiting period before the app allows another check-in.

Acquire the Washington Beer Mobile App by searching “Washington Beer” in the App store, or visit for more information. To access the passport in the mobile app WABL members will need his or her Membership ID (WABL number) and registered email address. To become a WABL member, click here.

Whether you’re looking for a Washington craft brewery, a Washington beer festival or brag what you just drank, there’s a Washington Beer Mobile App for that.