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Between Peaks: Heybrook Mountain

Hey Heybook Mountain!

Between Peaks: Heybrook Mountain

Hey! You could climb the Stadium Bowl stairs in Tacoma repeatedly then head to Peaks & Pints for a pint of Old Schoolhouse Brewery Between Peaks IPA, the house IPA, or get your steps in on the Heybrook Lookout Trail with outstanding views of Heybrook Mountain, Mount Index, and other glorious peaks in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, then enjoy Peaks & Pints Campfire Crowler full of Between Peaks while between peaks.

The Heybrook Lookout Trail is often first to receive snow-free status in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The trailhead for the moderate hike of 2.6 miles round trip and 850 feet of elevation gain to a lookout is visible from Highway 2 just beyond the town of Index. It’s a short but steep climb through a second-growth forest regenerated from clear cutting in the 1920s. Expect a few switchbacks, Douglas firs, Western hemlocks, Western red cedars, deer ferns, thimbleberry, moss, salmonberry, rocks, roots, giant steps, a tiny creek, and hungry gray jays on this beautiful trail well-maintained by Washington Trail Association members.

Spectacular views of Mount Index, Bridal Veil Falls, Mount Persis, and Philadelphia Mountain can be yours on a sunny day from the lookout, which rises 67 feet above the ridgeline. Heybrook Lookout is one of only 106 lookouts left in Washington state. Originally, the fire lookout was a simple tent platform built in 1925. In 1932, the Forest Service replaced it with a 45-foot log leg tower, with a ground-level cabin intended as sleeping quarters for fire rangers; however, rampant rodents eventually drove the rangers up into the tower where they lived until a 67-foot lookout was built in 1964, designed by Dan Evans, former governor of Washington state. It was staffed until the early 70s. The lookout has been rebuilt by Everett Mountaineers.

Between Peaks IPA

The Heybrook Lookout doesn’t have beer taps, which means you’ll have to bring your own. There’s nothing better gazing at peaks after a vertical hike than cracking open an Old Schoolhouse Between Peaks IPA with hiking companions. It feels like the cherry on top when enjoying the views you trekked to see with flavors of pine and citrus taking you to euphoria.

Gray Jay perched on Peaks & Pints Campfire Crowler full of Old Schoolhouse Between Peaks IPA.

Getting There: Headed east on Highway 2, the Heybrook Lookout Trail trailhead sits just past mile marker 37 and the sign for the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The gravel parking area is on the north side of the highway. There are no toilets at this trailhead. Also, no need for a Northwest Forest Pass or currency to park and hike.

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Heybrook Lookout Trail trailhead
Heybrook Lookout Trail