Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

TUESDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before Tacoma Tuesday series

Ron Swarner


TUESDAY, MARCH 14 2017: Tacoma events paired with craft beer …

The Grand Cinema + Peaks and Pints = 1941 love and 360 Red

Jazzbones + The Copper Door = Tightwad Tuesday and Tasting Tuesday


Director Maggie Greenwald has adapted Augusta Trobaugh’s 2001 historical romance Sophie and the Rising Sun about a white woman (Julianne Nicholson) and a Japanese-American man (Takashi Yamaguchi) falling in love in a South Carolina fishing town prior to Pearl Harbor into a decorous feminist drama. The townsfolk prize propriety, believe in helping their neighbors and extend hospitality to a wounded stranger. Nice. The Grand Cinema screens this flick at 2:15 and 6:20 p.m.

PREFUNK: The image of the craft beer brewer is now familiar to most beer drinkers: beard, rubber galoshes, a baseball cap, consuming endless beers. … It’s not just one long keg party in waterproof shoes at Top Rung Brewing Company in Lacey, Washington. Founders Casey Sobol and Jason Stoltz are all business. Sure, they joke and spray water at their assistant brewer Tyler Mathis at every opportunity, but the two Thurston County firefighters turned brewers bring their initial career training to the brewery — physical fitness, mechanical aptitude, dedication and teamwork. These two would be the last two standing on “Brewers Survivor.” And, they make mighty fine craft beer. We know. We had a 360-view during the brewing of one of their latest batches of Three Sixty Red. Grab a pint or two of this delicious, medium bodied, light caramel beauty from Peaks and Pints’ Western red cedar tap log and imagine the 12-and-a-half bags of malt, 64 ounces of Willamette hop and another 96 ounces of the same hop with 10 minutes left in the whirlpool and the Safale dry yeast that it took to create Three Sixty Red.


Seattle-based punk rockers Burn Burn Burn headlines a rowdy Tuesday night show at Jazzbones. Burn Burn Burn deliver melodic tunes about booze and life, which is nice. Tigerhawk and Tom Tuttle add a big “T” to the show. Titled Tightwad Tuesday, this show kicks off at 9 p.m.

PREFUNK: There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong enjoying a Guinness (it is, after all, the stout against which all others are judged) — or Smithwick’s or Harp, for that matter, on St. Patrick’s Day. However, if you’d prefer something more original, there are a number of craft alternatives that fit the bill. The Copper Door busts out a St. Patrick’s Day themed beer flight at 6 p.m. The Stadium District bottle shop and taproom has added a little Irish to its Tasting Tuesday flight: Boundary Bay Irish Red Ale, Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death, Boulder Beer Irish Blessing on Nitro and Moylan’s Ray Sullivan’s Imperial Stout.