Thursday, April 6th, 2017

THURSDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before Earthquake and Horton Foote

Ron Swarner


THURSDAY, APRIL 6 2017: South Sound events + craft beer …

Tacoma Comedy Club + Peaks and Pints = Earthquake and Europe

Olympia Little Theater + Fish Tale Brewpub = Horton and Harmon


Earthquake shakes up the Tacoma Comedy Club at 8 p.m. Perhaps the most successful African-American comedian you’ve never heard of, this guy makes millions killing it all over the country. He has been all over the comedy scene, from HBO to BET, and talk shows from Howard Stern to Conan.

PREFUNK: Beer trends come and go. Once-popular but comically over-hopped IPAs, for example, are now giving way to mellow, spicy-sour farmhouse ales. But the allure of European beer is timeless — at least according to Browar Polska Inc. in South Seattle, a distributor of fine quality beer from Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belgium and other European countries. After all, European beers are the ones that got this started hundreds of years ago. Browar Polska will be the honored guest at Peaks and Pints Lodge Meeting at 6 p.m., pouring Petrus Aged Pale sour from Belgium, Triporteur Full Moon 12 Belgian Quad, Denmark’s gypsy brewer Evil Twin’s Lil’ B Porter and Falco IPA and Selkirk Huckleberry Chapel rocking the witbier from Post Falls, Idaho.


If Horton Foote’s 1953 script were a timepiece, it’d be a railroad pocket watch: a plain, well-crafted instrument, beloved mainly for the fact that it works so damn well, even despite rough handling. Quietly, without moral or literary flourishes, The Trip to Bountiful tells the tale of Carrie Watts, an elderly woman living in a cramped Houston apartment with her son Ludie and his wife, Jessie Mae. Nobody’s happy about the arrangement. Ludie tries to keep a pleasant face on things, but Jessie Mae expresses her dismay with officious scolding, while Carrie responds with sullen politesse and a secret plan to escape back to Bountiful, the gulf-coast farming community where she was born. Catch this story at 7:25 p.m. at Olympia Little Theater.

PREFUNK: The Fish Brewing Co. braintrust is slapping each other on the heads with fish for not thinking to host guest breweries in their Fish Tale Brewpub until this year. The Thursday night 6 p.m. outings have been a lot of fun. If you know anything about Harmon Brewing Co. then you know tonight’s Harmon at Fish Tale will be tons of fun.