Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 2018: Block 15 Print Master’s Pale and Reunion Beatles

Ron Swarner


TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 2018: Block 15 Print Master’s Pale and Reunion Beatles

PREFUNK: The past decade, has been the deadliest for newspapers, with hundreds of them thinned out, shut down or merged, resulting in an American urban media landscape pockmarked with “news deserts” that have left many cities with just one local newspaper — and in some cases, none at all. Block 15 Brewing’s Print Master’s Pale pays homage to the working men and women who use to print the Gazette-Times in the brewery’s building years ago. A classic Northwest brew, medium bodied, crisp, with UK specialty malt balanced by a good amount of Amarillo hops. Nose is citrus grapefruit hops some light pine. Taste is more of the pine hops some woody malts and a little bread. Block 15’s Pint Master’s Pale pours from Peaks and Pints‘ Western red cedar tap log.

1:50, 4:10, 6:40 AND 9 P.M. ISLE OF DOGS: Marrying eye-popping stop-motion animation with themes of political hysteria and scapegoating and a dash of Akira Kurosawa, Wes Anderson has created a film that, for all its narrative clutter, will thrill his hard-core fans and even please a few casual admirers. It’s called Isle of Dogs, but it might as well be “Isle of Anderson,” as the unique writer-director is all alone stylistically. Check it out at The Grand Cinema.

8 P.M. THE REUNION BEATLES – FANTASY TRIBUTE: In 1967, The Beatles released their landmark LP, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which became the soundtrack for “The Summer Of Love” that very same year. It was a year that was a microcosm for the peace and love generation, hippies and flower children whose Beatles supplied mantra was simple, “All You Need Is Love.” Now, more than 50 years later, The Beatles are back together — never mind that two of their members are no longer alive. The Reunion Beatles – Fantasy Tribute is the rock and roll reunion of all time and the concert that never was. The concert will be held at Jazzbones tonight.

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