Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY, JULY 25 2017: Great Divide Nadia Kali and Cate Blanchett

Ron Swarner

The chameleonic actress Cate Blanchett plays multiple characters in Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto, which originated as an art installation. Credit Julian Rosefeldt and VG Bild-Kunst 2016_2015_20/FilmRise

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY, JULY 25 2017: Great Divide Nadia Kali and Cate Blanchett

PREFUNK: Peaks and Pints pours Great Divide’s seasonal Tank Farm series Nadia Kali from our Western red cedar tap log today. Its name is homage to the countries where hibiscus is grown. The pink-hued saison brewed with hibiscus, ginger root and lemon peel sports a juicy, fruity aroma. It tastes like a saison with ginger. And it tastes good. Peaks and Pints, Tacoma

2:05 & 6:40 P.M. MANIFESTO: Cate Blanchett puts on more than a dozen disguises, then stands in front of art-writer-director Julian Rosefeldt’s camera loudly announcing a series of quasi-political artistic manifestos. From anchorwoman to homeless man, from Pop Art to Dogma 95, a chameleonic Blanchett gives a tour-de-force performance. After the 6:40 p.m. screening of Manifesto, UW-Tacoma art teacher Elizabeth Conner, UW-Tacoma Associate Professor of American Studies in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Ingrid Walker and UW-Tacoma Associate Professor of Political Science Charles Williams will discuss the film. The Grand Cinema, Tacoma

4:30-5:30 P.M. WESTMALLE TRAPPIST HAPPY HOUR: To be designated an authentic Trappist brewery, some criteria must be in place. The beer must be brewed within a Trappist abbey either directly by monks, or at least under their supervision. The monks must be from the Cistercian order. The brewery must be controlled by the monastery and share the monastery’s religious purpose. And, the brewery’s main purpose must be twofold: to cover the sustenance of its monks and to provide for community in which the monks can reside. Trappist breweries must be not-for-profit organizations. Six of the seven classic Trappist Breweries can be found in Belgium, including Westmalle. Westmalle Trappist Brewery is known to make the world’s classic examples in both the dubbel and trippel styles, so the fact that The Red Hot is pouring both Westmalle styles today, and giving away a Westmalle glass, makes it a world class day at the Sixth Avenue house of craft. The Red Hot, Tacoma