Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY AUG. 22 2017: Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl and Dawson City

Ron Swarner

Dawson City: Frozen Time screens at The Grand Cinema twice today.

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY AUG. 22 2017: Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl and Dawson City

PREFUNK: Today’s prefunk beer is not only a prefunk option for the events listed below but also a prefunk for the holidays. Anderson Valley’s Pinchy Jeek Barl Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale is basically Thanksgiving in a bottle, provided you usually burn the turkey and just switch to bourbon. It’s got all those sweet/spicy pumpkin notes, but kicked in the gobble by six months in a Turkey barrel. Even more alarming is how easy it goes down at 8.5 percent. Drop by Peaks and Pints and pluck one from our cooler. Peaks and Pints, Tacoma

1:15 AND 6:15 P.M. DAWSON CITY: FROZEN TIME: For cinema, at least, the Yukon Territory’s Dawson City was quite literally the end of the line. With no further bookings on the horizon, most of the combustible nitrate prints that played the movie house in that turn-of-the-century gold rush town were given an unceremonious burial at sea. In 1978, a hole was dug for a new Dawson City hotel and permafrost nitrate prints were discovered. Bill Morrison’s black-and-white documentary on the find begins with a simple explanation of cellulose nitrate’s first use — as an explosive — and how the stock’s ridiculously fiery temperament has in its way shaped film history. Catch Dawson City: Frozen Time and its leisurely portrait of the Yukon Gold Rush, Dawson City’s origins and growth, the industrialization of mining, World War I, the interwar combat between labor and government, and so on. The Grand Cinema, Tacoma

9 P.M. TIGHTWAD TUESDAY: On Tacoma band Bes combines elements of feverish folk, blues-rock, impeccable harmonies, breakneck time signature changes, nü metal, herky-jerky electronica, noise-rock, dance-punk and Afro-pop inflections. Check them out with Gold records and The Bitter Ex Lovers. Jazzbones, Tacoma