Monday, August 7th, 2017

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, AUG. 7 2017: Peaks and Pints Hopnificent 7 and Tacoma Beer Week

Craft beer has a number.

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, AUG. 7 2017: Peaks and Pints Hopnificent 7 and Tacoma Beer Week

PREFUNK: The Hopnificent Seven, a remake of the classic 1960 Western (itself a remake of the 1954 Japanese film The Seven Samurai ) comes with an all-star cast, a wide-ranging arsenal of hops and some funny lines. Directed by Mike Bosold, an award-wining shorts storyteller, it’s a tale of primary hop additions and dry-hopping during Tacoma Beer Week. When roughians invade the mountain-themed Peaks and Pints bottle shop, taproom and restaurant of Basecamp Proctor, leaving just sours and malt heavy craft beers in their wake, Click Wholesale Distributing brings in hop hunter Pacific Brewing and Malting Co. to take the roughians out and replenish the lodge with hop-heavy hitters at 6 p.m. But Pacific Brewing needs help, so the Tacoma craft brewery rounds up a diverse group of hopslingers (pFriem Family Brewers, Double Mountain Brewery, Fort George Brewery, Pike Brewing, Ecliptic Brewing, Breakside Brewery and Reuben’s Brews). While it isn’t always clear why these craft breweries are risking their tanks to help the people of Basecamp Proctor, their journey, and the ultimate hop throwdown, makes for enjoyable drinking. Peaks and Pints, Tacoma

5 P.M. TACOMA BEER WEEK: The Parkway Tavern hosts Fremont Brewing Co. with its Lush IPA on the Randall, among other Fremont awesomeness.

5 P.M. TACOMA BEER WEEK: The Red Hot hosts Muggin’ It On Monday Craft Lager Night with eight lagers served in old-school 12-ounce mugs.

6 P.M. TACOMA BEER WEEK: The Copper Door hosts Wet Coast Brewing Company and five of the Gig Harbor brewery’s five beers, plus Shark Frendzies, a lightly hopped yet tropical Indian Pale Lager Copper Door brewed with the Gig Harbor brewery.