Monday, April 2nd, 2018

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, APRIL 2 2018: Stone Buzzer Beater and Duane Mark Band

Ron Swarner


TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, APRIL 2 2018: Stone Buzzer Beater and Duane Mark Band

PREFUNK: Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch is a platoon captain. He can lead brewers to war. Brewers would gladly die for him. They would run over barbed wire. They would charge into a battery of machine guns. They would limp toward a field of death on his word. In his Buzzer Beater Double IPA, the brewers, once again, went to battle for him. The brewers pressed for him with Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic providing the juicy orange flavors. They picked and rolled for him using the one-two-three punch of Motueka, Citra and Helga for dank and piney aroma. They were an unstoppable force. If they were a college basketball team, they would win tonight. Buzzer Beater will be on tap at Peaks and Pints during tonight’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game. Stone Rep Courtney will race up and down our floor with all the Stone goodness.

5 P.M. ROCKETMAN RANDALL: As a kid Sean “Rocketman” Jackson spent most summer nights on his back lawn, staying out as late as his parents would allow, staring at the heavens through his Tasco telescope. He lived and breathed space. He could rattle off every astronaut and ground crew member for every manned space flight on both sides of the Atlantic since the space race began. All he could think of, laying there at night looking at the constellations, was someday achieving escape velocity from Earth itself. Jackson’s life goal took a turn during manhood. He boxed up his homemade astronaut suit for a brewer’s jacket and galoshes, brewing beer at E9 Brewery and eventually head cellarman at the Parkway Tavern. Will his astronaut suit make an appearance tonight as he pours Georgetown Brewing’s Rocketman IPA from a Randall infusion tube full of fresh ingredients? “I’m not the man they think I am,” says Jackson. “Oh no no no I’m a rocket man.”

8 P.M. DAUNE MARK BAND: There’s no denying the strong sense of musical history that propels much of Duane Mark. He has clearly done his homework when it comes to making American folk, country, rockabilly and roots music, as evidenced by the authentic blend of charisma, twang and grit driven by broken hearts and splintered limbs. The balladry is part old-school Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash and part contemporary Americana. These elements, combined with the hard work ethic instilled by his upbringing, have this ambassador for the working class on what seems like a never-ending tour to take his passion to the world. Check our Duane Mark and his bandmates Ryan Seiler on bass and Sarah Gilbert on fiddle at Peaks and Pints tonight.