Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

TUESDAY PREFUNK: Aslan’s Disco Lemonade before Moon landing

Ron Swarner


TUESDAY, MAY 23 2017: Tacoma events + craft beer …

PREFUNK: It’s the best Disco in town, funky music pound for pound / Join the crowd, come on dance and sing, hey, hey / It’s the best Disco in town, people come from miles around / It’s the place to do your own thing, hey, hey. Of course The Ritchie Family wasn’t waxing discotheque but rather Aslan’s Disco Lemonade Berliner Weisse. The light-bodied sour wheat beer is so delicious it deserves a song. With its bubby effervescence and tartness, the centuries-old Berliner Weisse style was called the “Champagne of the North” by Napoleon. Aslan’s version brings out hints of lemon, while the generous amount of wheat rounds out the body lending a remarkable similarity to lemonade. Disco Lemonade pours from Peaks and Pints’ Western red cedar tap log. Peaks and Pints, Tacoma

2:30 and 7:15 P.M. MISSION CONTROL: At the heart of Apollo space program was the team who worked in Mission Control in Houston. They were born in the mid 20th century, a time of economic turmoil and conflict. Some came from farms and a lifestyle little changed for a century. Others grew up in a blue-collar America of mines and smoke stacks. They ranged from kids just out of college to those hardened by military service. But from this group of people an extraordinary team was born, setting out on what JFK called: “The most hazardous, dangerous, and greatest adventure upon which mankind has ever embarked.” Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo takes us from the faltering start of the US program, through their personal struggles, to the glories of the Moon landings. The Grand Cinema, Tacoma

7 P.M.: TUESDAY BLUESDAY: Moby Grape was one of the most versatile San Francisco rock bands to emerge out of the Summer of Love. While rooted in psychedelia, the band injected elements of folk, blues and country. Unlike the jam bands of the time, Grape possessed a meticulously unique sound by way of multilayered triple guitar arrangements. Their debut album is still considered one of the best of all time by many critics, in part because of the nimble fingers of guitarist Jerry Miller. Miller was named one of the top 100 guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone — above Eddie Van Halen, Johnny Winter and Randy Rhoads. Sadly, through a combination of inner turmoil and bad management decisions, the mighty Moby Grape broke up in 1969. Thankfully, Tacoma native Miller moved back home. See one of the best guitars in the world perform tonight. The Valley, Tacoma