Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Peaks and Pints to open Nov. 1, Tacoma among best beer cities, Muppets craft beer

Ron Swarner

Due to fire suppression craziness, Peaks and Pints will now open at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1.

MORNING FOAM FOR WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26 2016: A seven-taster flight of craft beer news, from the fluffy head all the way to the bottom Kermit. …

Sorry folks. It’s out of our control. The fire suppression system installed in our building didn’t pass inspection again. Peaks and Pints can’t open today. We’ll now open at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1. With the months it took to retrofit the building with steel and the months to install the fire suppression let it be known we’ll be the safest craft beer store, taproom and restaurant in all the land.

Many thanks to Sue Kidd of TNT Diner and Kendall Jones of Washington Beer Blog for spreading the Peaks and Pints word. Thanks!

By examining the location of all breweries in the U.S., and looking at other factors important to a successful “beercation,” including the availability of rideshare services, accessibility via air and the average cost of lodging, Travelocity’s Beer Index identified the best large and small metro areas to sample some of the nation’s best craft beers. Seattle,-Tacoma-Bellevue was ranked third best in the nation.

Día De Los Muertos Festival De Cervezas (All Souls Day Beer Festival) returns on Tuesday, November 1st and Wednesday, November 2nd to Southeast Portland.

Ah, pumpkin; such a polarizing flavor. Love ’em or hate ’em, pumpkin beers are rearing their squashy, spicy heads for fall — but not all are created equal. From mildly-flavored to spice bombs, and from drinkable to over-the-top boozy, here are 32 pumpkin-laced brews for almost everyone.

“After my first lap, the puke saliva started to come up.” That’s Mashable reporter Francesca Rivera, who ran the Beer Mile in a recent challenge. Rivera drank four beers in four laps and shared the experience on a Mashable video. Rivera isn’t the only reporter to document the struggles of the Beer Mile. Fox Sports reporter Katie Nolan had a similar experience last summer. “This is the dumbest thing we’ve ever done,” Nolan said at the time. “By far.” Watch the full video of Rivera’s run here.

If you were drinking craft beer with the cast of The Muppets, and you wanted to have their favorite brews on hand, here’s what they might drink.