Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Peaks and Pints Six Pack 1.19.19: NFL Playoffs

Enjoy these fine beers during the NFL Championship games: Aslan De La Rouge, Firestone Walker Mind HAze IPA, Decadent Ales Winter Spice French Toast, Culmination Illusions of Grandeur, Gigantic Cloudberries and Reuben’s Brews Gobsmacked.

Peaks and Pints Six Pack 1.19.19: NFL Playoffs

For football fans, there’s no better time than tomorrow’s NFL playoff games. Even fans without a playoff representative are still invested in framing their weekend plans around football. That’s because the stakes are high. While every game in the NFL regular season seems important, the playoffs are one-and-done. Loser goes home. There’s no best of seven. There’s no tomorrow. With this added stress, it means the beer fridge must be slightly more packed than usual. Luckily, Peaks and Pints has your back. Load up your fridge at our bottle shop or watch the games at Peaks and Pints and pray to the beer gods the bounces go your team’s way.

DE LA ROUGE, Aslan Brewing: Brewed in the same manner as the Bellingham brewery’s Mandarina Queen IPA, De La Rouge IPA version uses only Barbe Rouge hops. This new experimental variety from the French hop-breeding program delivers mango and red berry notes with a prototypical dankness. 6.8%

MIND HAZE IPA, Firestone Walker Brewing: Firestone’s hazy IPA hits the nose with grass and resin fading into hard-to-place tropical fruitiness. On the palate, Mind Haze offers pineapple fruit juice, lemon, lychee and grass/resin supported by mild bitterness. 6.2%

WINTER SPICE FRENCH TOAST, Decadent Ales: Holy Aunt Jemima! This double IPA starts off with pancake batter and caramelized sugar flavors followed by sweet Vermont maple syrup and cinnamon flavors. This is not your grandma’s double IPA. 9.1%

ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, Culmination Brewing: An imperial breakfast stout with vanilla flavor washing over the mouth, carrying bitter chocolate, espresso and toffee, which collect in the middle of the tongue. Booze momentarily appears from behind the roastiness before drowning in the wealth of flavors. The creamy beer finishes with more vanilla, roast and chocolate. 10.4%

CLOUDBERRIES, Gigantic Brewing: This hazy IPA is brewed with Experimental 527 hop — a magical hop with notes of strawberry jam and citrus. Combine that with the cane berry, mango, and citrus notes of Mosaic and Cloudberries is ready to help you through tomorrow’s games. 7.5%

GOBSMACKED, Reuben’s Brews: The Seattle brewery’s soft and juicy triple IPA is back with notes of peach, tangerine, grapefruit, and sugar-cane sweetness. 10%