Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

Peaks and Pints New Beer in Stock 7.18.23

TUESDAY, JULY 18: New craft beer in the Peaks & Pints cooler.

Peaks and Pints New Beer in Stock 7.18.23

Tuesday is an awesome new brews day. Grab a pint and shop Peaks and Pints New Beer in Stock 7.18.23. Cheers!

Block 15 Brewing Ice Knife: West Coast and New England style hybrid IPA brewed with cutting-edge hop technologies, including Co2 extracted Salvo and cryogenically frozen Strata CGX for vibrant factions of sticky and pungent hop characters with a razor-sharp hop showcase of bright citrus peel oils and dense resin, 7%

Block 15 Kumo: Dry, Japanese-inspired rice lager brewed with Northwest grown Pilsner malt and citrusy Cashmere hops, 4.5%

Block 15 Scientifical: IPA with layered waves of sticky, resinous hop goodness on a delicate malt base, 7%

Crux Fermentation Project Bramble Candy: After months ripening in red wine barrels with a tangled blend of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus, this wild farmhouse ale is infused with a dark twist in the form of intense, tangy boysenberries, 9%

E9 Brewing Just Livin’: Saison dry hopped with Australian grown Summer hops for apricot and melon characteristics blending with classic Belgian yeast spice and aromatics, 4.8%

E9 Sleeping God: Kolsch dry hopped with Wai-ti and Taihekhe hops and cold fermented for peach, apricot, and tropical citrus notes, 4.8%

Ecliptic Brewing Secchi: Brewed with Sierra Nevada Brewing, this fruit-forward hoppy wheat ale is brewed with Strata, Amarillo, McKenzie, and Citra for a touch of citrus from real orange and lemon peel, plus a crisp finish, 6.5%

Everybody’s Brewing Mango Sour: Sweet, juicy, tropical flavors of tree-ripened mango are balanced by the tart and tangy nature of this refreshing sour ale, 5.6%

Fast Fashion Momo: Juicy, hazy IPA Double Dry Hopped IPA with Mosaic, Motueka, and a touch of Citra Lupomax for some earthiness and a bitter finish, 7%

Fremont Brewing Head Full of Dynomite v.48: New hazy IPA series dropped with Strata, Mosaic, and Columbus Cryo with an orange, grapefruit, mango, pineapple, tropical followed by some melon and fresh cut grass nose, 6.8%

Matchless Brewing Fuddosan: Rice lager with a light and dry body from the rice combined with Pilsner malt, plus a subtle herbaceous quality from Mt. Hood hops, 5%

Matchless Juice Bomb Units: Collaboration with Georgetown Brewing, this Hazy IPA is brewed with Strata, Arianna, and Enigma then double dry-hopped with the same trio with an addition of Mosaic hops for a fruit punch bomb, 6.8%

Modern Times Beer Fruitlands Sangria Gose: Brewed with a melody of fruits, including grape, blackberry, black currant, orange, and lime, 4.8%

Mother Earth Brew 4Seasons Collaboration Imperial IPA: Brewed with Bale Breaker Brewing, this double IPA is brewed with Galaxy, Citra, and HBC 586 for notes of sweet fruit and grapefruit pith, with a peppery bitterness on the back, 8.5%

Old Stove Brewing Key Lime Sour: More than 80 pounds of fresh key lime went into making this sour, 4.4%

Wet Coast Brewing The Ocho West Coast Pilsner: Brewed for their eighth anniversary, this pilsner is brewed with Mosaic, Citra, and Eclipse hops for a bold nose that is bright and juicy, 5.8%

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