Thursday, December 7th, 2023

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Silver City


Like Wise Men and Santa Claus, Old Scrooge is de rigueur for the holiday season. The tale in all its 21st-century Bremerton splendor comes to life courtesy of Silver City Brewery, which has been producing the Old Scrooge beer adaptation of the classic old ale and barleywine since 2009, replete with long boil time, cool fermentation, and extended aging. You know the story by heart, so no need to recap it here. Suffice it to say, it’ll warm your heart and entire body. Encore: In addition to Silver City’s Old Scrooge Christmas Ale 2023, Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Scrooge Christmas Ale 2023, and 2016 Old Scrooge, Silver City will pour their new Pilsner and West Coast IPA during “Silver City Scrooge Post Ghosts Night” at Peaks & Pints tonight. Fifty cents from all draft will go to the Point Defiance zookeeper’s Drinking For Conservation folks’ efforts to save snow leopards. In celebration, Peaks & Pints presents an all-day, in-house flight of Silver City beer — a flight we’re calling Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Silver City.

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Silver City

Silver City Pils

5% ABV, draft

Silver City has brewed a new, year-round pilsner with grainy aromas intermingling with subtle hints of water cracker and a touch of honey.

Silver City Tropic Haze

6.4% ABV, can

This beer spent some time in test tubes. Former Silver City brewmaster Don “Big Hazy” Spencer opened the secret experimental hop hope chest, brewed pilot batch after pilot batch, blind-tasted close friends and discovered a secret hop made for hazy IPAs. No, the pineapple juice, mango or orange flavors aren’t additives; it’s the secretive experimental hop behind the curtain. Tropical, indeed. Juicy tropical fruit, but not sweet and overpowering. Just the right amount.

Silver City Range West

7% ABV, draft

Honestly, we don’t know the recipe for this easy-drinking West Coast IPA. We do know it has a huge pine nose with a light body and subtle sweet notes.

Silver City Old Scrooge Christmas Ale

8.5% ABV, draft

What’s the difference between a Christmas beer and a winter beer? Well, the labels for Christmas beers are usually red and green, while winter beer labels tend to be blue and white. As far as style goes, though, there’s not much to differentiate them. In fact, neither is even an official beer style. It’s fair to say Silver City’s Old Scrooge Christmas Ale is a Christmas beer. Besides its red and green label and Scrooge reference, “Christmas” is in its name. The English barleywine is bound to delight the palate with notes of apple, cherry, and apricot.

Silver City The Giant Made of Shadows

9.9% ABV, can

The designation “Belgian strong dark ale” is often used to describe dark abbey-style beers with strengths above about 8-percent alcohol by volume, the fuzzy upper limit for the dubbel style. Although the Belgians themselves do not use the term, there are many Belgian beers that fit the name, including Silver City’s The Giant Made of Shadows. This strong, dark, malty Belgian-style ale is rich in dark fruit, caramel, and coffee character.

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