Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day is a respectful way of thanking and serving tribute to a history of hard work and positive contribution toward a stronger, more prosperous nation. It’s also a day most people are just happy to be off work. With seasonal creep already bringing pumpkin beers to the shelves, Peaks & Pints aims today’s in-house beer flight toward five beers that would make ideal companions for the last days o’ sun. Our criteria? The beers come in cans (portable to beach, pool, barbecue, and paddling), they’re in the Peaks & Pints cooler, and they taste delicious. Head to our craft beer and cider bar, bottle shop and restaurant in Tacoma’s Proctor District, sample these five beers in our Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Labor Day Weekend, then grab the cans and head off toward adventure.

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Labor Day Weekend

Matchless Citrus Submarine

5% ABV, can

We all drink the Citrus Submarine
Citrus Submarine, Citrus Submarine
We all drink the Citrus Submarine
Citrus Submarine, Citrus Submarine

Indeed. Loaded with West Coast traditional hops Citra, Chinook, and Sterling, Matchless Brewing‘s Citrus Submarine pilsner has notes of Mandarin orange, mango, lemon zest, and a touch of pine.

Old Schoolhouse South Campus

6.7% ABV, draft – cans in our cooler

Casey and Laura Ruud purchased the floundering Winthrop brewery in 2008, changed the name to Old Schoolhouse Brewery, cleaned it up, and quickly turned it into an award-winning gem of a brewpub. Life happens, and the Ruud’s sold the brewery to three gentlemen who grew up in New Hampshire together, brothers Nathan and Jacob Young and Troy Anderson who eventually opened a larger production facility and taproom south in Twisp. The brewery’s first beer brewed at the Twisp brewhouse was South Campus IPA packed with multiple varieties of cryo and pellet hops for a bright and complex unfiltered IPA.

Reuben’s Stay Frosty

6.9% ABV, can

At its most fundamental level, a Cold IPA is an IPA that is brewed with lager yeasts at colder temperatures, creating a crisp, drinkable yet generously hopped India Pale Ale. The use of lager yeast provides a cleaner aroma profile compared to more ester-driven aromas that arise from traditional ale yeasts. The colder fermentation also creates a lighter backbone that helps accentuate the hops. Reuben’s Brews’ Stay Frosty is a cold IPA fermented at cool temperatures that is supremely crisp and hop-forward.

Wayfinder Spellbound

7.2% ABV, can

Wayfinder Beer’s Spellbound West Coast IPA is a crisp, “enigmatic libation that dances on the line between dankness and juiciness, casting it’s spell upon the palates of the brave and the curious,” according to Wayfinder. “A tantalizing blend of robust hop aromas, boasting earthy, resinous notes that transport you to a realm of pine-filled forests and leaving a trail of mouthwatering juiciness in its wake.”

Block 15 Sticky Hands High Five

8.10% ABV, draft – can in the cooler

Brewed with Block 15 Brewing’s five favorite hop varieties — Azacca, Talus, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra — this Sticky Hand variant is an even stickier, ickier version of their year-round iconic and Peaks and Pints Tournament of Beer: Northwest Double IPAs, Sticky Hands. Block 15 turned up the dank herb and sticky tropical notes on this one for a balance of candied mango intertwined with pine resin and 100-percent Northwest malt.

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