Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Fruity Sours


One of beer’s most remarkable aspects is its versatility. On top of the fundamental ingredients of water, grain, yeast, and hops, a brewer can add almost any extra ingredients (unless you’re in Germany, where there are literal brewing laws about what you can put into beer). Ingredients found in beer today include chocolate, coffee, nuts, waffles, cookies, spices, cocoa, marshmallows, breakfast cereal, toffee, and the focus of today’s Peaks & Pints to-go beer flight — fruit. When brewers add whole fruit, fresh-picked, never frozen, from a nearby farm or orchard to their beer, it’s magic. Yeast and souring bacteria live on the skin of fruit. These wild, naturally occurring additions bring another layer of distinct flavor to tart beers. Stop by our Proctor District craft beer bar, bottle shop and restaurant and grab Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Fruity Sours.

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Fruity Sours

450 North Slushy XXL Peachemon

5.3% ABV

450 North Brewing Company is a small craft brewery situated on the Simmons family farm in Columbus, Indiana. Since 2012 the Simmons have been crafting some of the finest beers in the country, including pioneering the smoothie sour craze. They add extremely large amounts of unfermented fruit puree to kettle sours. By leaving the fruit unfermented, they make sours that look, smell, and drink like a fruit smoothie from a juice café, but with alcohol. After that is achieved, there is a never-ending list of adjuncts and spices that can be added to create whatever flavor they want. In 2019, they released their Slushy XL “smoothie-style” fruited Berliner weisse sours. Today, we have tapped Slushy XXL Peachemon, which is conditioned on double peach, white peach, orange, and marshmallow.

Living Haus Aida

5.5% ABV

Aïda is Living Haus Beer’s first Berliner-style beer. It’s brewed with pilsner and wheat malts, a little lactobacillus and a whole lot of pineapple and passionfruit puree to create a tart little guy for the ages. Pineapple and guava aromas blend perfectly with the bright tangelo flavor.

Great Notion Seedless

6% ABV

Great Notion Brewing’s Seedless fruited gose is brewed with watermelon, dragon fruit, coriander and sea salt to add just the right balance to the sweet and sour flavors. This electric pink beauty tastes identical to a popular hard candy and juicy watermelon with an extra edge from the dragon fruit.

Unsung Disrupto

6% ABV

Ohio native and Unsung Brewing founder Mike Crea — who is certified by the Cicerone Program and earned a diploma in brewing technology from the Siebel Institute in Chicago — brews small batches of craft beer in Tustin, California, but sells a majority of them up north from a modernized century old marmalade factory in Anaheim, the sudsiest town in Orange County. Founded in 2015, comic book fan Crea drinks West Coast IPAs while watching superhero movies, but he and the crew brews all styles, including fruited sour Disrupto with a blend of blueberry and plum.

Nightmare Shekkeh

6.3% ABV

Nightmare Brewing‘s Persian-style sour ale is soured on, brewed, and fermented with traditional ingredients of cultural significance from ancient Persia such as pomegranate, cherry, black lime, Damask rose. The recipe is based off a rough interpretation of Sharbat & Faloodeh — a Persian dessert dating back to the 16th century. Expect round aromatics of floral blossoms, pink paloma, soft black lime earthy funk, followed by sugared grapefruit, bright Meyer lemon zest, rosewater, pink paloma, and mescal margarita.

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