Friday, June 7th, 2024

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Fieldwork Brewing


High school dropout turned tech industry entrepreneur Barry Braden met Ballast Point brewer Alex Tweet in San Diego. They became fast friends. Tweet went on to brew at Modern Times Beer. Braden knew Tweet needed his own brewery to flourish. Braden convinced Tweet to move to Northern California so they could open Fieldwork Brewing Company in West Berkeley. They opened Fieldwork in 2014, and adding satellite operations in Corte Madera, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Leandro, San Mateo, and San Ramon. Fieldwork honors Northern California’s magnificent outdoor landscapes with an array of idiosyncratic, highly aromatic and well-balanced beers. Today, Peaks & Pints presents a flight of Fieldwork beer — a flight we’re calling Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Fieldwork Brewing.

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Fieldwork Brewing

Fieldwork Maiden & Priest

5.5% ABV

A classic schwarzbier brewed with German malt and hops for a dark lager with mellow roast character and a nice complex note of charred malt balanced with mild bitterness and a lovely floral and slightly fruity hop character.

Fieldwork Saint Thomas O.G.

6.7% ABV

Fermented with a classic West Coast yeast, the O.G. Saint Thomas is similar to its namesake; just as juicy and tropical and soft on the palate, but comes out near crystal clear, a bit drier, and lighter in body, while still being what Fieldwork considers the quintessential Mosaic IPA. Flavor profiles are nearly identical, with a slightly brighter overall character on the O.G. with notes of white grapefruit, passionfruit, honeydew, ripe citrus, blueberries, and hints of pineapple juice that dominate the palate.

Fieldwork Wrapt in Warm Flannel

11% ABV

Fieldwork’s Way Back Series concentrates on imperialized styles without crazy ingredients, such as their Wrapt in Warm Flannel. The lightly peated Scotch ale uses a blend of malts from Scotland and England and a long boil to create a mildly smoky mass of malty complexity with some leather and light raisin.

Fieldwork Brother of the Quill

13% ABV

Brewed with admiration for the over one and a half centuries of barleywine history in England, Fieldwork brewed this oversized ode to barleywines of the past with select British malts and a laborious boil. It hits the nose with caramel malt, plum, raisin, and hints of apricot with the same flavor profile but with added peach, honey, and hints of dates. It’s a bright barleywine that leans English, but has a little lighter stone fruit character as well.

Fieldwork Death Will Tremble

14% ABV

Death would tremble when presented with this massive wave of night-night juice. Brewed exclusively with British malts, Scottish yeast, and a pinch of carefully selected Oregon hops, this dry, boozy Russian imperial stout. Dark toasted malt, chocolate, coffee, raisins, and booze envelops the nose. The dark toasted malt, raisin, and chocolate notes transfer to the flavor with added light char, and a little hop bitterness.

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