Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Bottle Logic Stouts


The Peaks & Pints annual salute to February Stout Month has been hijacked by Stoutula this year. Formerly known as Count Dracula, a strong urge for stouts earned the Transylvanian nobleman the moniker, Stoutula. The centuries-old, stout guzzling vampire has taken control of our monthlong stout celebration, including the occasional in-house flight — like today’s flight, Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Bottle Logic Stouts.

Homebrewing buddies Wes Parker, Steve Napolitano, and Brandon Buckner decided to turn a hobby into a career, and in 2013, they open Bottle Logic Brewing, a 6,000 square-foot tasting room and 15-barrel brewing facility near the 91 and 57 freeway intersection in Anaheim, California. The brewery is fashioned in a particular style that they call a “retro-future” aesthetic. Modeled after the golden age of science fiction following the post-war period, this style is marked by an unyielding optimism for the future that emerged with the end of World War II. This was the age where flying cars and atomic unicycles weren’t gags reserved for cheesy movies, but the faintest glimpse of what people truly felt the future held. Luckily, the beer is bold enough to back up the alluring design, with space-age innovation and award wins as its constant. Bottle Logic has gained notoriety for the barrel-aged pastry stouts.

Peaks and Pints Beer Flight: Bottle Logic Stouts

Bottle Logic Scatter Signal

12% ABV

This imperial mocha-marshmallow stout is a blend of liquid aged from 12 to 24 months in a medley of their favorite bourbon barrels. It was conditioned on the “Southern Weather” and “Monarch” blends of coffee beans roasted by Onyx Coffee Labs for a complex foundation of chocolate brownie and burnt sugar undertones. ⁣Cacao nibs bolster the chocolate front — a blend of Guatemalan and Filipino nibs was chosen specifically for the nutty, hot-chocolate-like flavors they impart. Marshmallows added in abundance for their softly sweet aroma, for a bounce of viscosity, and for the outright joy of it. ⁣

Bottle Logic Alchemy of Elements

14% ABV

Alchemy of Elements is an imperial stout brewed hundreds of pounds of raw and toasted coconut and fresh pineapple pieces layer in a glimmer of tropical acidity, and glowing rivulets of vibrant summer mango.

Bottle Logic Form Five

14.3% ABV

When Bottle Logic released their 2020 “Black is Beautiful” — part of the open-ended beer collaboration series that supports the National Black Brewers Association’s work in developing and growing Black brewers nationwide — Bottle Logic knew the chocolate-laden concept was destined for a barrel treatment, and with the help of Weathered Souls Brewing, produced a powerful liquid. Expect rivers of sweet milk chocolate traveling through a decadent, dark chocolate tunnel of Ecuadorian and Filipino cacao nibs. Sparks of toffee and fig zip through bold layers of oak and bourbon, offering balance and character.

Bottle Logic Cephalophilosophy

14.9% ABV

Harland Brewing helped brew this inky imperial stout brewed with ube and maple syrup, taking it up to a massive 38º plato starting gravity. After 14 months in bourbon barrels, they finished this alluring liquid on house-roasted pecans and cinnamon sticks.

Bottle Logic Scramjet

15.3% ABV

Inspired by the clandestine echoes of “Project Aurora,” this bourbon barrel-aged peanut butter cup-inspired imperial rye stout is a nod to the mysterious and elusive. House-roasted peanuts, silky-sweet chocolate, and 60 pounds of peanut butter cups were recirculated through their Darkstar November imperial stout base, enveloped in its tractor beam of molasses, bourbon, and oak. Lightly carbonated with a full-bodied gravitational pull, each sip is a close encounter with interstellar decadence.

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