Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Ninkasi signs with Tacoma Dome, Bale Breaker Leota Mae and Tasty IPA

Ninkasi Brewing Co. has a concession stand inside the Tacoma Dome.

MORNING FOAM FOR WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 6 2017: A seven-taster flight of craft beer news, from the fluffy head all the way to the Hyperloop Pod. …

Ninkasi signed a three-year contract with the city of Tacoma for the concession stand at the Tacoma Dome. The Eugene, Oregon brewery opened the first branded craft-beer concession stand at the Tacoma Dome Aug. 1. Ninkasi’s concession stand is part of a broader $21-million renovation of the 34-year-old Tacoma Dome. Expect to drink Total Domination IPA, Pacific Rain Pale Ale, Beer Run, Maiden the Shade and four other Ninkasi craft beers when Scorpions and Megadeath play the Dome later this month.

In late September Bale Breaker Brewing Co. will release a new, year-round beer, Leota Mae. The 6.2 percent ABV IPA is named after the ownership’s great-grandmother. “Our story began in 1932 when our great-grandparents planted hops in the Yakima Valley. The matriarch of our family, Leota Mae, worked sunrise to sunset cultivating the land we still farm today. This beer pays tribute to our family’s legacy and the woman who started it all,” states the Yakima Valley brewery’s website.

The Washington Beer Blog reports Northwest Brewing Company has changed its business model to contract brew using Tukwila’s Odin Brewing Company as the principle supplier.

Say kids! Do you like peaches? The 5th annual Peche Festival will showcase 25-plus rare, juicy, sour, sweet, tart and funky beers and cider brewed with peaches Saturday, Oct. 7 at Saraveza in Portland, Oregon. Also included is a special food menu utilizing peaches in sweet and savory items. The collection of rare beers include some of the Pacific Northwest greats such as Three Magnets Brewing’s Peach Sparkle, Upright Brewing’s Fantasia, Block 15 Brewing’s Turbulent Consequence and Logsdon’s Peche n’ Brett, among many others.

Calling Hawaii “a state as well as a state of mind,” a federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the maker of Kona craft beer of misleading consumers into believing the beer was actually made in the 50th U.S. state, causing them to overpay.

21st Amendment Brewing has released a collaboration, Tasty IPA, a beer that is rooted in friendship, created for the common love of homebrewing and dedicated to the American beer beauty known as Tasty McDole.

And finally, this is how we’re going to escape the fires and horrific weather … by hitting 200 mph in seconds in a Hyperloop Pod. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!

Hyperloop WARR pod run to 201 mph (324 km/h) in 0.8 mile near vacuum tube

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