Monday, August 15th, 2016

MONDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before stories, music showcase

Broken Spoke hosts Beer and Bingo tonight.

MONDAY, AUG. 15 2016: South Sound events + craft beer …

Creative Colloquy + Broken Spoke = B-1 to have fun tonight

Donnalson’s + 7 Seas Brewing = surprises


When “OMG” entered our modern lexicon, it took on a myriad of meaning. Sometimes it’s incredulous (“OMG what?!”), sometimes disgusted (“OMG, ew.”); and other times it’s just, well, “OMG.” The slang-shorthand for “oh my God” could to life during tonight’s Creative Colloquy session featuring real stories from real people, sharing their stories and prose: good, bad and abbreviated. Creative Colloquy is the rawest form of connection. Stories help us feel connected to one another, and help us stay human. Listen to Lorna McGinnis, Timothy Ready, Joe Wilson, Carl Papa Palmer and Joshua Swainston at 7 p.m. inside B Sharp Coffee House. An open mic follows for your OMG story.

PREFUNK: Remember that time you and your friends duct-taped 40-ounce beers to each hand and everyone had to chug both of them before he or she could use their hands again? Tonight’s Beer and Bingo game will be only slightly more civilized than Edward 40 Hands. Tacoma canned beer tavern and bike shop Broken Spoke hosts bingo beginning at 7 p.m. Old folks who play good old-fashioned bingo do it right, but you can do it better. Long gone are the days when you played bingo as a camper and were rewarded with plastic toys. As an adult, you deserve to be rewarded with free prizes while drinking canned craft beer. If this is a preview of what life as a senior is like, it looks damn good.


In a world where we’re given daily reminders of man’s often incomprehensible cruelty and horrifying savagery (police shootings, Louisiana floods, burkini bans), it’s heartening to know that G. Donnalson’s Monday and Tuesday night “G’s Showcase” can serve as a universal touchstone, a beacon of harmony and a place for friends to congregate and glimpse the colorful works and offerings of the South Sound’s many creatives. Catch a whole shebang of jazz and blues talent from 7-10 p.m. without a cover charge.

PREFUNK: We all have that friend. You know the one: a few pints in suddenly every sentence starts with the all-condescending, “actually…” followed by some obscure nugget of knowledge most of us either never knew or would never remember. The kind of friend who makes the perfect asset to any trivia team. Bring that friend to Trivia Night at 7 Seas Brewing’s Gig Harbor taproom at 6 p.m. And, hey, maybe you are that friend.