Monday, April 24th, 2017

MONDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before movies in Tacoma

Ron Swarner


MONDAY, APRIL 25 2017: Tacoma events + craft beer …

The Grand Cinema + Peaks and Pints = International night

Blue Mouse Theatre + Parkway Tavern = Holy Spirit


“My mission is really to capture what it means to be African,” says a secondary character, a fledgling filmmaker, early in Ayanda. “I feel like we’ve been completely misrepresented. It’s not all civil wars.” Anchoring the film’s faux-documentary subplot, that character is clearly the surrogate for screenwriter Trish Malone and director Sara Blecher, spelling out their own goal for Ayanda, which screens at 1:30 and 6:30 p.m. at The Grand Cinema as part of the Tacoma Sister Cities Film Festival. Meanwhile, the titular personage is a 21-year-old artist who restores old furniture into hip art pieces she has difficulty letting her gallerist actually sell. Ayanda (Fulu Moguvhani) is a free spirit (her fashion sense is very Lisa Bonet–as–Denise Huxtable) who crashes to earth when she learns her mother is planning to sell the garage founded by Ayanda’s late father.

PREFUNK: The local pub is more than a watering hole; it is the center of community life. Peaks and Pints knows this to be true. A good pub at its heart is an open living room for a village, or a Proctor District. It is not just a place to have a beer, but it is the place to gather for card games with neighbors, discuss books or to celebrate with the local cricket team. Every month Peaks and Pints invites a craft brewery to create a three-hour soundtrack off our Jukebox, pour its craft beer and host a specific theme. We call the Monday nights SudsPop. Firestone Walker is our guest brewery this month. At 6 p.m. tonight, Firestone Walker will celebrate British pub life with 20-ounce pours of its DBA and Union Jack India Pale Ale and three hours of British pub tunes.


If you think your pastor’s Sunday sermon should be two hours long and include special effects, the Christian drama The Shack is the movie for you, screening at 7 p.m. at the Blue Mouse Theatre. Everyone else will give a wide berth to this slow-moving, talky lesson — adapted from the novel by William P. Young — about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and their actions when bad things happen to people.

PREFUNK: It’s Monday, which means the Parkway Tavern runs a craft beer through a tube of fresh goodness. The Tacoma North Slope hangout calls it Monday Randall Night; everyone else calls it Monday night. At 5 p.m. Black Raven Brewery’s Kitty Kat Blues receives the massage, which is an infusion’s infusion, if you will. The Redmond, Washington brewery too an unassuming pale ale and turned the screws a bit with additions of dried blueberries, vanilla bean and organic mountain-grown catnip. The result is an easy drinking pale ale that finishes like this morning’s blueberry muffin. Imagine what it will taste like after Parkway’s Dr. Infusion Sean Jackson rubs up against it.