Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Meowsa the Cat Who Could Brew A Beer

Ron Swarner


Meowsa the Cat Who Could Brew A Beer

Meowsa’s owner … Medwards
Deuces’ owner …
Steve Martin
Deuces’ Owner …
Victoria Jackson

“Meowsa the Brewing Cat
The Cat who could brew a beer.
He brews around
all over Georgetown
Meowsa the Brewing Cat!”

Announcer: Meowsa, the Cat Who Could Brew A Beer. Tonight: “Meowsa’s Arch Enemy — Deuces”.

[dissolve to Georgetown Brewing Co., Seattle, break room, as Meowsa and his owner, Medwards, watch home videos with Deuces and his owners, Steve Martin and Victoria Jackson]

Medwards: These are really nice home videos.

Steve Martin: Thanks!

Victoria Jackson: Oh, look! Here we are at the Gorge!

Martin: Oh, yeah … Deuces was driving that day!

[footage shows Deuces driving the car over the edge of the Gorge]

Medwards: The Gorge is really deep!

Martin: Yeah! Yeah, tell us about it.

Jackson: Yeah.

Martin: Hmm.

Deuces: [meow]

[dissolve to Georgetown’s brewing facility, Meowsa is brewing his namesake double IPA]

Photo Credit: Youtube

Jackson: Oh! Here we are at Deception Pass!

Martin: Mmm. Yeah.

Jackson: Oh, that’s Deuces coming to pick us up.

[footage shows Deuces driving the car over a cliff]

Deuces: [meow]

Martin: [chuckles]

Medwards: Carmel is so pretty, isn’t it?

Martin: It sure is. Oh! Now, here we are at Multnomah Falls!

[footage shows Deuces driving the car over the falls]

Martin: What a view we had that day — thanks to Deuces!

Medwards: Ohh …

Deuces: [meow]

[footage shows Deuces as a kitten driving a toy car around in the driveway]

Martin: Oh, how did this get in here? That was Deuces when he was a kitten!

Jackson: Oh! He liked to drive even then!

Martin: Oh, there he goes!

[kitten Deuces drives over a wall]

Martin: Awww … Well… that’s all. I sure hope you enjoyed it.

Medwards: I sure did! And I have an an-nunce-ment!

Jackson: What is it?

Medwards: I know that your cat Deuces can drive.

Martin: Well, yes … just not very well.

Medwards: Well, my cat, Meowsa, just finished brewing school!

Martin: Really?

Jackson: Wow!

Medwards: Yep! Here’s his report card.

Martin: [examining it] Wow! Look at those grades!

Medwards: He got an A+ in Brewing, an A+ in Conduct, an A+ in Attendance, an A+ in Punctuality … and an extra A+ for helping clean tanks after class!

Jackson: It sounds like he’s a good brewer!

Martin: And how!

Deuces: [meow]

Medwards: Hey, I’ve got an idea! Want to taste his first craft beer? Meowsa named it after his own name. If you force fed a watermelon a steady diet of mandarin oranges and pineapples and then dropped said watermelon into a wood chipper, the resulting aromas and flavors that came out of the business end of the wood chipper would be the best way to describe Meowsa’s new double IPA.  As much as I dislike the term ‘juicy’ this DIPA is very juicy and has very little bitterness for the style.

Martin and Jackson: Yeah!!

Deuces: [growls menacingly]

[dissolve to Georgetown Brewing facility, Meowsa is pouring three pints of Meowsa! Double IPA]

Medwards: Meowsa? Are the beers ready?

Meowsa: [meows]

Medwards: Don’t forget to take off your work goggles!

Meowsa: [meows]

[camera focuses on Meowsa’s reflection in the mirror, where, suddenly, Deuces appears from behind, and covers Meowsa’s face with a rag of chloroform]

[dissolve to the Georgetown’s brewing facility, Medwards searches for Meowsa, frustrated, he grabs the three pints of Meowsa! Double IPA and heads back to the breakroom]

Martin: What a delicious, refreshing double IPA.

Jackson: It certainly is.

Medwards: Yes! Can you taste the watermelon?

Jackson: Yeah, I noticed that!

Martin: I get a lot of orange and pineapple.

Jackson: But where are Meowsa and Deuces?

[quick cut to show Meowsa tied and gagged in the brewers’ bathroom]

[quick cut back to Deuces loading up Meowsa! kegs in the car]

Medwards: I’m not sure. Meowsa is very proud of the beer.

[quick cut, Deuces driving the car with kegs over a cliff]

“He brews around
all over Georgetown
Meowsa the Brewing Cat!”

Georgetown Meowsa! Double IPA now on tap at Peaks and Pints bottle shop, taproom and restaurant in Tacoma’s Proctor District.

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