Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest: Ayinger Mug Edition

Ron Swarner


The-Hunt-For-Fresh-Hoptoberfest-Ayinger Mug Edition copyThe Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest: Ayinger Mug Edition

Peaks and Pints continues The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest, our month-long, fresh hop celebration paired with Oktoberfest beers. We’re pouring bright, hop-hazy fresh-hop beers, just hours from field to kettle and mere days from the fermenter to your glass AND drink to your health, clean, hearty Oktoberfest-style lagers from Germany and nearby. We’ll wager our pretzel bread sticks you’ll drink both.

Today, Peaks and Pints will serve Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen in half-liter mugs, which will be yours to keep while supplies last. A strong pour shows a rich copper color with a firm but smooth head that sticks around longer than you’d expect. The Ayinger is light, but full-flavored, with a clean, malty taste that’s complemented by a good bit of carbonation. The tankards go beautifully with our pretzel bread sticks and side of beer mustard. Gemütlichkeit is, of course, free as always.

Here are today’s The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest’s fresh hops and Oktoberfest-ish beers:

Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen

Silver City Brewery Oktoberfest Lager

Double Mountain Killer Green Fresh Hop IPA

Schooner EXACT Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA

Double Mountain Killer Red Fresh Hop IRA

For more information on The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest, click here.