Friday, January 27th, 2017

FRIDAY PREFUNK: Tacoma breweries live music



FRIDAY, JAN. 27 2017: Tacoma music + craft beer …

Dystopian State + Wingman Brewers + Peaks and Pints = Gigantic

Sometimes you just need to bang your head. At least we do, and tonight’s head-banging option will satiate any and all neck-injuring, hair-thrashing needs you may have. Get ready for some hair metal rippers as Scorpions tribute band Dark Lady rock you like a hurricane in Dystopian State Brewing Co.’s taproom at 8 p.m. Also of note: Colin Scott Reynolds (frontman for alt-country stylists the Silver Dollars, drummer for both slippery math-rock act Etchings and crunchy alt-rockers Watermelon Sugar, guitarist for neon country BOLO) releases his new solo LP, Tape 6 – The Royal We, with Valerie Warren and Rowan Carrick in Wingman Brewers at 8 p.m.

PREFUNK: Portland’s Gigantic Brewing focuses on one-off beers; they avoid brewing the same beer more than once and when a beer sell out, generally within three months, it’s gone forever. Gigantic is also notable for the artwork that adorns their bottles. Featuring colorful and offbeat illustrations, the artist is actually listed on each bottle. Gigantic’s take on a Russian Imperial Stout clocks in at a hefty 10% ABV. No light penetrates the dark grape juice colored beer. There’s a fantastic roasted smell on the nose, along with notes of dark grapes, reminding us of grape soda mixed with Yohoo. The beer has a smoky taste similar to burnt ends or even a burnt pizza crust. Not at all boozy, this Russian imperial stout has a surprisingly light mouth feel. Drop by Peaks and Pints, grab a bottle and settle in.