Friday, September 9th, 2016

FRIDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before Sherlock Holmes, Happy Orchestra

Ron Swarner

Happy Orchestra performs at Rhythm & Rye tonight.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 9 2016: South Sound events + craft beer …

Lakewood Playhouse + Farrelli’s Pizza = blood-chilling howls and pumpkins

Rhythm & Rye + Three Magnets Brewing = wake up and get Happy


Calm, cool and collected, Sherlock Holmes is the man to call to solve a mystery. With his closest confidante Watson, Sherlock is more a problem solver than a head scratcher, but when Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead on his foggy estate with a face distorted by terror, Sherlock’s skills are put to the test. Amidst rumors of a legendary curse and the blood-chilling howl of an unknown beast, Sherlock will solve the case to ensure the safety of the Baskerville heir. The Hound of Baskervilles will thrill audience in the Lakewood Playhouse’s 180-seat theater at 8 p.m.

PREFUNK: We like pumpkin beer. As we set down those words, we imagine droves of beer nerds preparing their torches and sharpening their pitchforks, ready to drive us into the hills. And sure: Those beers are often too sweet, rarely contain actual pumpkin, and shouldn’t hit shelves in July. But forget the haters — a well-balanced, richly spiced pumpkin ale is a delightful autumnal treat, such as Puyallup River Brewing’s Jack O’Lahar Pumpkin Ale. Copious amounts of pumpkin are added to the boil along with an array of spices to give this ale an exquisite and unique flavor profile. Grab a pint or two, along with other Puyallup River brews, from 6-9 p.m. at Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza in Frederickson.


Drummer Tarik Abouzied brings his talented friends to the Rhythm & Rye stage at 10 p.m. for a jazz session. Happy Orchestra draws from some of the Northwest’s most highly regarded funk, jazz, and soul bands. Tonight, Abouzied has shoved in the van saxophonist Skerik, Thomas Marriott, RL Heyer, Tim Kennedy and Ian Sheridan. Expect instrumental and compositional firepower with a determined effort at crafting an intensely happy musical experience.

PREFUNK: You know that twilight hour between lunch and the end of the workday when things get … foggy? Your darkest hour. Focus begins to flutter, and you’re on the edge of falling, irretrievably, into a black hole. You face two options: You should probably get coffee, but a trip to the brewpub is so much more appealing. Thankfully, Three Magnets Brewing Co. has shimmied up a happy compromise. Actually it’s not really a compromise at all — it’s full-fledged beers that you’d be leaving work to drink — but who’s complaining? There’s coffee in it. Three Magnets Banko Palm Sugar Ale is the downtown Olympia’s Palm Sugar Cream Ale infused with single origin Banko coffee, a direct trade Ethiopian Yergachef varietal sourced by Olympia Coffee Roasters. The brewery’s newly released La Pastora Imperial Brown is brewed with a single origin coffee added to give it a cold brew-ish taste.