Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Craft Beer Crosscut: A flight of stunts


Ranking high on our list of stupid childhood accidents was the time young Peaks and Pints rode a bicycle while wearing roller skates. All was fine until we attempted to park the bicycle — on a hill. We ended up crashing to the pavement and suffering a hairline fracture to our wrist. Sorry for the nostalgia, but the Peaks and Pints Craft Beer Crosscut for Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017 is all about getting our freak on. Visit Peaks and Pints today for a flight of the following craft beers. …

Green-Flash-Le-Freak-Tacoma-Peaks-and-PintsGreen Flash Brewing Le Freak

9.1% ABV, 101 IBUs

For being a (le) freak, the smell on this brew is incredibly satisfying. A Belgian-y aroma and hints of clove, coriander and, of course, vibrant hop notes fizzed up from the surface. We took our first sip and … le woah. This brew is brash, up-front and complex. We’re talking slight peppery greens, a floral pop, and a bit of a banana-candy flavor hiding underneath the bitterness, evening out the flavors. So freaky!

Destihl-Brewery-Flanders-Red-Tacoma-Peaks-and-PintsDestihl Brewery Wild Sour Series Flanders Red

6.1% ABV, 15 IBUs

Flanders Red has a twin provenance — part traditional Flanders ale, part German-style sour. Along with the expected sourness in the aroma, the Flanders Red also comes with a pleasant mustiness, like an old tome, full of secrets and wisdom. Below said wisdom lurked a strong tart sweetness, full of apricot, peach, cherry, and plum notes. The other fruits of the fruit-leather aesthetic take to the wings on the tongue, however: cherry rules the palate.

Knee-Deep-Brewing-Breaking-Bud-Tacoma-Peaks-and-PintsKnee Deep Brewing Breaking Bud Imperial Pale Ale

6.7% ABV, 50 IBUs

Breaking Bud pours with a chemical-jumpsuit yellow and a Walter White head, full of tiny bubbles and unrealized dreams leading to murderous impulses. Knee Deep dubs this “dank,” and we concur. Said dankness is well balanced by a saccharine peach aroma more explosive than Hector’s wheelchair. On the tongue, the earthiness and minerality comes through, with a stronger grapefruit presence than even the Citra.

Two-Beers-Brewing-Tipsy-Toboggan-Tacoma-Peaks-and-PintsTwo Beers Brewing Tipsy Toboggan

6.8% ABV, 62 IBUs

When it comes to cheap winter fun, few activities match the thrill of gliding down a good hill. All that is needed? A toboggan, decent snow, and the stamina to keep climbing back to the top. So, no snow but we’re in for climbing back on the Toboggan — Two Beers Tipsy Toboggan. A dark and toasty warming winter ale, Tipsy Toboggan offers notes of chocolate, date, plum and orange with a dash of hops. The deep dark color and full flavored finish pair perfectly with outdoor adventures.

Hop-Valley-Brewing-Czech-Your-Head-Pilsner-Tacoma-Peaks-and-PintsHop Valley Brewing Czech Your Head Pilsner

5.5% ABV, 40IBUs

After the previous four beers it’s time to Czech Your Head. It’s (obviously) a Czech-style pilsner with German hops and malts. It’s light, crisp and refreshing.