Friday, November 15th, 2019

Craft Beer Crosscut 11.15.19: Flight of Cat Beer


Beer flights in TacomaPeaks and Pints is convinced that our co-owner Pappi Swarner’s cat, whose eyes glow in the dark, is actually an extraterrestrial spy, sent here to simply observe, monitor, and report the actions of him back to the Feline Mother Planet from whence he came. I know it sounds odd, but trust us on this one. We can hear him now, just this morning, sending back his findings: “All right, true masters, you sent me down here to live with this joker, and it’s just getting worse all of the time. And I think I’m losing my control. He still keeps the water running at a certain drip at a certain place in the kitchen sink because I’ve convinced him that’s the only way I’ll drink this water stuff they have down here, but this morning, when I refused to eat the first two plates of food he gave me, he wouldn’t offer me a third, which he normally does. I actually had to eat the stuff. He’s getting kind of slack in passing my tests, and he’s acting crazy — more so than usual. Take this morning. He woke up at 3 a.m. and is in there right now in our den listening to a disco mix remake of a song called “If You Could Read My Mind” by some guy named Gordon Lightfoot, and he’s dancing around the room. And he just talks to himself nonstop. It’s bad enough that he follows me around talking to me all of the time, like I’m going to answer, but when he talks to himself it’s really irritating. Today, he actually created a cat beer flight at his Peaks and Pints place called Craft Beer Crosscut 11.15.19: Flight of Cat Beer. I’m afraid he’s going to start dressing me up again in costumes. If he tries to put that rag on my head and hauls me around the house calling me his little peasant woman and making me act like I’m shopping for cabbage one more time I’m going to go nuts myself. Uh oh, hold on. Here he comes, and he has fabric in his hand. I have to sign off and make a break for it. More tomorrow.” We tell you. It’s Alien Kitty. Oh, enjoy the flight of cat-named beer. Meow!

Craft Beer Crosscut 11.15.19: Flight of Cat Beer

Kulshan-Kitten-Mittens-Winter-Ale-TacomaKulshan Kitten Mittens Winter Ale

7.4% ABV, 39 IBU

Kulshan Brewing adds four different malts — 2-row, Chocolate, roasted barley and Munich — to Kitten Mittens Winter Ale giving it the rich, medium-bodied winter warmer we adore with a nose of milk chocolate and a touch of brown malt. The body strikes a nice mix of easy malty notes and medium sweet chocolate balanced by earthy hop notes, thanks to the Apollo, Willamette and Fuggle hops. We dig the touch of chocolate liquor on the finish.

Black-Raven-Kitty-Kat-Blues-TacomaBlack Raven Kitty Kat Blues

5.8% ABV, 35 IBU

From Redmond, comes this Black Raven Brewing unassuming pale ale that has the screws turned a bit with additions of dried blueberries, vanilla bean and, originally, organic mountain-grown catnip, but has since been substituted with hibiscus. The result is an easy drinking pale ale that finishes like this morning’s blueberry muffin with, of course, vanilla, dry bittering hops and hibiscus.

Fat-Orange-Cat-Sweet-Jane-Key-Lime-TacomaFat Orange Cat Sweet Jane Key Lime

7.2% ABV

Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. is a small, seasonal farm brewery in East Hampton, Connecticut, but many of their craft beers, including Sweet Jane Key Lime milkshake IPA, are brewed and canned at Dorchester Brewing in Boston, Massachusetts. They specialize in small batch recipes making an effort to support and promote local agriculture. Fat Orange Cat’s Sweet Jane Key Lime is rich, creamy, fruity, milkshake IPA with nice green citrus, banana, fresh cream, and round tropical, dank, earthy/fruity dry-hop notes. It’s vanilla from top to bottom, but complex due to hops and fruit.

Georgetown-Meowsa-TacomaGeorgetown Meowsa!

8.4% ABV, 60 IBU

“Meowsa the Brewing Cat
The Cat who could brew a beer.
He brews around
all over Georgetown
Meowsa the Brewing Cat!”

Indeed, Georgetown Brewing’s brewery cat, Meowsa, brewed a double IPA and named it after his own name. If you force fed a watermelon a steady diet of mandarin oranges and pineapples and then dropped said watermelon into a wood chipper, the resulting aromas and flavors that came out of the business end of the wood chipper would be the best way to describe Meowsa! As much as Meowsa dislikes the term “juicy” this DIPA is very juicy and has very little bitterness for the style.

Gigantic-The-Cat-Ate-My-Stash-and-Pissed-On-The-Christmas-Tree-TacomaGigantic The Cat Ate My Stash & Pissed On The Christmas Tree

7.5% ABV, 85 IBU

Ben Love and Van Havig had the pedigree when they opened Gigantic Brewing Wednesday May 9, 2012. Havig spent 16 years brewing at Portland’s Rock Bottom, and Ben Love held down posts at Pelican Brewing in Pacific City and Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland. Together, the two produce a year round IPA and a wide variety of rotating seasonals, specialties, and one-offs, including The Cat Ate My Stash & Pissed On The Christmas Tree IPA. Inspired by the enigmatic John Mallett of Bell’s Brewery, this festive IPA is loaded with the dankest, sticky, drippy, and piney hops the Gigantic brewers could get their hands on.