Friday, July 27th, 2018

Zwart Black Star shines at Peaks and Pints

Ron Swarner


For this year’s De Proef Brouwerij‘s annual Brewmaster’s Collaboration series, Dirk Naudts partnered with Surly Brewing‘s Jerrod Johnson and Ben Smith to craft an old ale with star anise and Brettanomyces, creating a delicious beer that will continue to develop with time. Dip your nose into Zwart Black Star for big, sultry, woody caramel, brown sugar, ripe tree fruit and a hint of tropical Brettanomyces. The Brett is back for the flavor profile with lots of oak, whispers of bourbon, a bit of plum, and dark Belgian fruity malts.


Zwart Black Star awaits in Peaks and Pints‘ cooler.