Sunday, January 8th, 2017

SUNDAY PREFUNK: Your Dream Comes True In Tacoma

Ron Swarner


craft-beer-prefunk-Tacoma-Belly-Dance-RevueSUNDAY, JAN. 8 2017: Tacoma event paired with craft beer

B Sharp Coffee House + Peaks and Pints = Belly-dancing and beer flight


Cold? Warm up with a little belly dancing at 7 p.m. in B Sharp Coffee House in Tacoma’s Opera Alley. The Tacoma Belly Dance Revue celebrate sits first anniversary demonstrating several styles of belly dance. Watch these mysterious and sensual ladies as they hypnotically twist and roll with zill-tipped fingers. Be sure to get there before 7 to score a table, or you’ll be all tippy-toed in the back, craning for a glimpse of a scarf or sequin.

PREFUNK: Since you were young you have dreamed of flying. Not in the mundane manner familiar to most of us, queuing up to board an airplane in pursuit of business or pleasure. Your dream is the old Icarian dream of slipping the bounds of earth and flying under your own power. Your father was a test pilot in the U.S. Air Force, your uncle was a WWII pilot, and, to really clinch it, your mother’s maiden name is Leva, an archaic word that means, “She is lifting off.” Factor in your childhood love of comic book superheroes, most of whom could fly (or, with their acrobatics, pretty damn near), and you can begin to appreciate the powerful hold that this dream has had on your imagination when you visit Peaks and Pints as our daily beer flight is all about flying today. Peaks and Pints has five, 5-ounce pours of craft beer centered around the theme of flying: Pelican Mosaic Single Hop IPA, Airways Pre-Flight Pilsner, Wingman’s Prefect Proctor Porter, Black Raven’s Second Sight Scotch Ale and Skookum’s Murder of Crows Imperial Stout aged on Seasoned Oak. Given that we’ve progressed from flights that lasted mere seconds to an age of commuter flights and routine trips into outer space, shouldn’t we be able to make Peaks and Pints beer flight actually fly? Are we still in the Stone Age? This idealistic quibble aside, today’s Peaks and Pints is very much fly, and ready at 11 a.m. for the NFL playoff games on our 130-inch screen.