Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Twin Peaks beer

Ron Swarner


Snoqualmie-Falls-Brewing-Ghostwood-KolschGuys! The next incarnation of Twin Peaks drops on Showtime this coming May 21 — and to wet your whistle, Snoqualmie Falls Brewing just released Ghostwood Kolsch. It makes sense since both Twin Peaks series were filmed in the brewery’s backyard of Snoqualmie Valley.

According to Snoqualmie Falls Brewery hype, “Ghostwood Kolsch is a straw-yellow color and has just a little wheat malt, and is hopped with German Spalt hops to insure its pedigree. The palate is light bodied, biscuit malt with herbal spiciness from the Spalt, and the finish is emphatically dry and crisp. … The label contains several secret references to the series.”

Bonus: here are some photos from Entertainment Weekly‘s upcoming Twin Peaks issue to pump you up even more!