Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Peaks and Pints Six Pack 9.1.18: Labor Day Weekend Craft Beer

Ron Swarner


Peaks-and-Pints-Six-Pack-9-1-18-Labor-Day-Weekend-Craft-BeerPeaks and Pints Six Pack 9.1.18: Labor Day Weekend Craft Beer

Celebrated the first Monday of every September, Labor Day honors America’s workers and their many contributions to our nation’s strength, prosperity and well-being. That said, it’s also a great time for friends, family, cookouts and BEER all weekend. Peaks and Pints has a six-pack waiting for you. …

BELLWETHER AGED DOUBLE WIT, Breakside Brewery: Imperial wit aged in gin barrels with lime leaves that hits the nose with funky, woody and orange aroma. It’s sour, in a pleasantly puckering sort of way, which is immediately followed by a sugary, almost grainy sweetness. Then the gin and oak hit, adding some earthiness and strong juniper notes. The lime plays nicely with the juniper-gin notes. 8.4%, 22oz

DOUBLE BARREL STRAWBERRY, Matchless Brewing: The Tumwater brewery grabbed some of its favorite white wine yeast fermented, sour beer and matured it along with 100 pounds of Helsing Junction Farm organic strawberries per oak barrel for intense notes of fresh strawberry candy on the nose and rich strawberry and peach blossoms on the tongue. 7%, 500ml

FEST HELLES, Uinta Brewing: Light floral, bread dough and breadcrumb hits the nose as you enjoy flavors of bread crust and moderately herbaceous hops. It dries on the finish with a medium bitterness. 5.5%, 12oz

MOCHA DEATH, Iron Horse Brewery: For this seasonal offering, Iron Horse starts with Quilter’s Irish Death — its dark smooth ale that presents a full malt flavor laced with caramel, chocolate, dark fruit, and a touch of sweetness — then adds roasted espresso beans and pure cocoa. 7%, 22

REGAL LAGER ITERATION II, Matchless Brewing: A decocted pilsners in the German style, dry, crisp and aromatic but with a twist! Regal Lager incorporates German Pilsner malt, raw red wheat and Ariana hops with Matchless’ house Czech lager yeast. Expect a slightly rounder floral citrus flavor that brings more of the fruity juiciness than the style dictates. 4.6%, 16oz

THIS IS A SMALL BEER FOR SOMEONE WITH SO MUCH TO DRINK ABOUT, Three Magnets Brewing: It’s a hazy IPA brewed with Pearl malt and wheat, and then double dry hopped with Simcoe, Ekuanot and Eureka to add an earthy darkness with notes of garlic and green onion. 6.2%, 16oz