Sunday, March 29th, 2020

Peaks and Pints Beer Parade – Home Ale-lone 3.29.20


Peaks and Pints Beer Parade – Home Ale-lone 3.29.20

Hello everyone! Welcome to Peaks and Pints Beer Parade – Home Ale-lone 3.29.20. Since public gatherings have been banned we have taken this week’s bartenders’ picks to our homes, and without a grand marshal.

Knock! Knock! Looks like Phaedra is working out with Anderson Valley’s Tropical Hazy Sour with guava and passionfruit. Remember to bend at the knees Phaedra!

Knock! Knock! Howdy Joe! Looks like he is rockin’ Hall & Oates’ “Voices” 8-track and the Fort George and Grains of Wrath collaboration West Coast IPA, Fanzine. You make our dreams come true Joe!

Knock! Knock! Nicole is sportin’ new purple hair and the Stoup/Cloudburst/Standard I Though We Were Friends west Coast IPA. Chug it girl!

Knock! Knock! Good to see you hydrating Mitchell! Also good to see quarantine hasn’t stopped you from enjoying your favorite Ecliptic Starburst IPA.

Knock! Knock! Bethany has gone GoodLife Brewing Comatose. 8.5% will do that to you.

Knock! Knock! Justin is back from a climb, and outer space with Fremont Space Danger! IPA.

These beers are in our cooler to parade around your own house. Be well folks!

LINK: Peaks and Pints Beer Parade archives