Monday, June 6th, 2016

MONDAY PREFUNK — Craft beer before live music

Ron Swarner

The Swiss hosts an open mic every Monday night. Photo credit: Pappi swarner

MONDAY, JUNE 6 2016: South Sound events + craft beer …

Open mic + Deschutes Brewery = Slice of goodness
Post-punk + dry-hooped sour ale = Staying Alive


Open mic nights are an invaluable asset to any music scene. Whether you’re a budding musician looking to hone your skills with some stage time, an occasional hobbyist just playing a few of your favorite songs for fun, or a seasoned professional looking to try out some new material, open mic nights are a great way to commune with other local musicians of all skill levels. In addition to being one of Tacoma’s best options for drinks and eats, The Swiss Restaurant and Pub also happens to host one an open mic every Monday. Chuck Gay keeps the show flowing smoothly, allowing performers two or three songs each. Things usually get going around 7 p.m.
PREFUNK: Deschutes Brewery celebrates summer in a fresh way this year. The Bend, Oregon based brewery has introduced a new seasonal to its lineup: Hop Slice Session IPA. Deschutes hopes craft beer drinkers will “grab a slice of summer” with Hop slices’ floral hop notes and crisp lemon refreshment. Hop Slice is brewed with Meyer Lemon, characterized by a more delicate aroma than the standard lemon, complemented by Azacca, Galaxy and Amarillo hops. Grab a slice of Hop Slice and other Deschutes beers at 6 p.m. at TK Irish Pub in downtown Puyallup.


Drawing from various post-punk, Americana, folk, and pop influences San Diego’s Plane Without a Pilot puts its own spin on modern rock and roll blending high energy riffs, desperate lyrics that tug on the heart strings, aggressive rhythms and catchy yet clever melodies. Catch the band at 10 p.m. in Le Voyeur.
PREFUNK: Dry hopping involves the addition of hops into a beer after it has finished fermenting. While still fairly uncommon, dry-hopping sour ales produces delicious results — sour beer flavors with the floral, herbal, piney, and/or citrus aromas and flavors of hops. These hop additions often enhance certain characteristics produced by Brettanomyces fermentations, like earthy aromas, wet hay and grass, or flavors of mango, pineapple, and other tropical fruits. Three Magnets Brewing Co. dry-hopped its Staying Alive, a primary fermented sour ale with a blend of Lacto and Brett and finished it with its house ale strain. Expect pineapple, passion fruit and peach in nose followed by under ripe strawberry, lemon and pineapple with a subtle bitterness. The brewers intended to make an extremely balanced live sour beer with medium mouth feel that will continue to develop over time. Grab a pint today at the downtown Olympia brewery.