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TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JULY 17 2017: Tieton Cider Works and E9 Puppies Vs. Kittens Vs. Sean Jackson

TACOMA PREFUNK SUNDAY, JULY 16 2017: Ommegang Game of Thrones Golden Ale and Proctor District Criterium

Bremerton Summer Brewfest beers, Cider Summit Seattle tickets and Ecliptic UltraViolet variants

Bus tour part of Tacoma Beer Week 2017 (canceled)

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JULY 10 2017: Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux and The Mummy

Three Magnets Brewing scores 2-Pint Conversion

TACOMA PREFUNK JULY 8 2017: Rico Sauvin and Tacoma Pride

TACOMA PREFUNK THURSDAY, JULY 6 2017: Hellbent Brewing and the Living Body

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JULY 3 2017: Gigantic Kölschtastic and the sexy thriller

Peaks and Pints Instagram Stalker: Beer Camp, beer waterfalls and beer drinking bears

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across The World Seattle recap

TACOMA PREFUNK JULY 1 2017: Modern Times Ice and Weird Elephant

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2017: New Holland Dragon Milk S’mores and the Greenriver Thrillers

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY JUNE 28 2017: Dr. Breedlove’s IPA and other tastings

Peaks and Pints to host Belgian beer carnivale

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK TUESDAY JUNE 27 2017: Triceratops Strawberry Blonde and the Dusty 45’s

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JUNE 26 2017: Wayne’s World and the All Stars

TACOMA PREFUNK SUNDAY, JUNE 25 2017: Wander Cream Ale and Rachel Baiman, Kareem Kandi and Squeak and Squawk

TACOMA PREFUNK SATURDAY, JUNE 24 2017: Breakside’s Liquid Sunshine before Squeak and Squawk and silliness

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 23 2017: Iron Horse Hopping Hand IPA before Squeak and Squawk

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21 2017: Hoppy Hour Adventure and the Hunchback

Portland beer festivals, PCT beer and Stone Punk in Drublic

TACOMA PREFUNK JUNE 20 2017: South Park Singing In Our Dreams and a night at The Grand Cinema

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY JUNE 19 2017: Dank IPAs and creative types

South Sound breweries grabbed 32 medals at 2017 Washington Beer Awards

TACOMA PREFUNK SATURDAY, JUNE 17 2017: pirate beer and pirate life

TACOMA PREFUNK THURSDAY, JUNE 15 2017: Pelican Lodge Meeting and Kevin Bacon

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14 2017: Ales for Albatross and music fusions

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JUNE 12 2017: Stoup Please and Thank You IPA and Squeak and Squawk

Tacoma After Party Saturday, Aug. 5

TACOMA PREFUNK SUNDAY, JUNE 11 2017: Duchesse de Bourgogne, Dan Duval and debates

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK SATURDAY, JUNE 10 2017: Loowit Space Panther IPA and awesome events

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 9 2017: Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown and Mr. Hyde

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK THURSDAY, JUNE 8 2017: Avery Twenty Four IPA and surrounded by sea life

Drinking ales to save albatross

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 2017: Brew Five Three and craft beer

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY, JUNE 6 2017: Chuckanut Brewery and swing dance culture film

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JUNE 5 2017: Jason Locking benefit and summer memories

Tacoma Brew Five Three Prefunk

Love For Jason Locking week

TACOMA PREFUNK JUNE 3 2017: Mountain Beer Fest and a weird Mad Max

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 2 2017: Monkey Paw This One Goes to Eleven and Mirrorgloss

TACOMA PREFUNK JUNE 1 2017: Scuttlebutt Lodge Meeting and The Red Elvises

Pike Seafair Summer Ale, Mt. Rainier Pendleton Pale Ale and Portland Beer Week